..nice sound..you make my morning..so relaxing..smiles

So soothing and lovely Maha Mantra Hare Krishna Hare Ram Chanting...!!!!
Thanks for sharing.
Everytime i Listen this Hare Krishna Mantra i feel calm and relaxed.

Anonymous delete 9/03/2010

can someone tell me that this nice song belongs to which album??? plz i need the high quality.....plz...


Mohit Dixit delete 9/19/2010

Hi @Anonymous.
I think this Hare Krishna Maha Mantra is from:
Album Title:Pada Sevanam
Artist:Haraprana devi dasi
I have heard this lovely "Krishna Maha Mantra Music" long time back and i love to hear again and again.
You can search for the album to buy it.
Thank You.

Thanks @Mohit Dixit for the information on album.
I am sure this will be helpful to Manish.

Sushil Kr delete 8/18/2011

Lovely music and beautiful video.

Hare Krishna.

Dinesh Kumar delete 2/13/2013

Very Good Music.
Jai Shri Krishna!