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How to Improve Positive Thinking- Tips and Strategies

Check out this basic but useful tips and Strategies to help you create positive thinking and understand power of positive thinking for success, happiness and positive life
This will help you to understand how to Improve Positive Thinking
  • Develop optimistic self-talk.
  • Replace negative internal conversations with yourself.
  • Develop relaxing and meditating techniques.
  • Create friendship patterns with those who give you good feelings.
  • Take small steps to move out of your comfort zone.
  • Accept or decline other peoples’ emotions on your terms.
  • Control your time and don’t let others use it.
  • Create a good physical image for yourself. First impressions count!
  • Review your existing image and style, find out way for improving it.
  • Don’t spend too much time thinking about what has happened. Past is gone! Don’t lose sleep going over things or re-enact past and future conversations. Live in Present.
  • Find some “heroes” and identify with them. Collect some best motivational quotes from them to which you can relate.
  • Think about your voice and how you use it.
  • Develop your listening and questioning skills. Be confident in your conversations.
  • Create mantras eg “I am good.”
  • See life as half-full and not half empty.
  • Change the words you use. Take out “if”, “but”, “must”, “ought” and “should” from your conversations.
  • Remember 99% of what you fear will happen, actually never takes place.
  • Remember your gesture clusters! Posture, handshake and walk.
  • Smile with the eyes and not the mouth.
  • Remember positive behaviors comes from energy. Find your own strategies for developing this. It could be as simple as playing a rousing piece of music to yourself, before giving a presentation, attending an interview or having a meeting.
If you follow these basic strategies you can surely master the positive thoughts
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  1. Shannon7/12/2009

    Positive thinking is required to get positive result in life.
    It is important that you learn how to improve self esteem through positive thinking. If you have been feeling bad about yourself, you need to start changing the way you think. Positive thinking is a wonderful way to build your self esteem without having to make drastic life changes.
    When you make your positive thinking strategies and implement them, it becomes easy to have positive thinking in life.

  2. You can learn to turn negative thinking into positive thinking. But it takes time and practice – you are creating a new habit, after all.
    Any tips on improving Positive Thinking is helpful, only if you have keen desire to see positive changes in life and anxious to start working towards improving Positive Thinking.

  3. Sushma Reddy7/03/2015

    Agree, however it takes a great effort to start thinking positive.

    Positive thinking does not come naturally to you, it takes great effort to minimize negative thinking and start thinking in positive way.

    Bad things happen. Sometimes you will be disappointed or hurt by the actions of others. In such condition try to look at the situation realistically, search for ways that they can improve the situation, and try to learn from other experiences as well.

  4. Samanta de Joshep1/03/2016

    The mentioned tips on how to improve positive thinking is much helpful.

    I also believe that:
    We must take Responsibility for our Behavior-Accepting responsibility can help learn from mistakes and prevent from blaming others unfairly.

    Practicing Self-Care- Getting plenty of rest and exercise and practicing to manage stress well. Taking care of physical and mental health provide more energy to focus on positive thinking.


  5. Siddhartha Rao1/13/2016

    With practice and focus you can improve positive thinking. Figure out the moment that makes you feel good. Practicing positive self-talk, it will improve your outlook. Meditation—People who meditate daily display more positive emotions.