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Replacing Negative Thinking With Positive Thoughts - guide

Stop Negative Thinking

This post is related to how to remove negative thoughts and replace it with Positive Thoughts. Guide to stop negative thinking and think in positive way.

Understanding what is i.e the meaning of thinking/thoughts

Thinking, said Heidegger, the famous philosopher, is a subtle form of hearing. So is thought. Thought, or thinking, is a mental process. It allows us to shape the world, and also deal effectively with our objectives, plans, ends, needs, and desires. Thought is not a constant. It is consciousness, inspiration, and, indeed, our own mind's eye - all combined into one whole. The best thing for us to do to help advance ourselves, in our increasingly maddening world, is by focusing on positive thoughts, and filling our minds with attentiveness.

Thoughts have the power to materialize themselves because they are instrumental in channeling energy towards the physical or mental condition they are about.

Managing thoughts
  • When we are aware of ourselves we are able to give attention to our own constructive potential which we all possess deep within us - to grow and expand.
  • The best thing one can do is to pick up great thoughts and invest your focus in making the very best of now, or what is called present-moment reality.
  • Remember, you can't change the past. What has happened is history. It is behind you. Present is yours, so invest your focus in making the very best of now, and replace your negative energy with positive energy. This can be important step towards removing negative thoughts and stopping thinking negative.
Guide to know power of positive thought

Start watching your thinking: You may even get carried away by your thoughts. Never mind. It is natural—especially for a beginner. What you need to do, whenever you detect this, is to take yourself out of your thoughts immediately and get back to the process of thought-watching once again as a detached observer. Here our attempt should be to cut down the quantity of unnecessary thoughts and to improve the quality of the necessary ones. Keep yourself busy with the work you love to do. This can help you in removing negative thoughts.

Identify your negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts: Write down happenings of the day. Were they positive, appropriate and adequate or were they confused, superfluous and negative? Make yourself aware of your negative thinking. It is far more important, however, to be aware of these thoughts when they are just occurring in your mind, rather than leave them for later analysis. Be conscious of the interval that separates the event from thoughts with which you respond to the event. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones, this can surely help to stop negative thinking and to think in positive way.

A vital step here is immediate replacement of all negative thoughts by the positive ones. The shorter the interval between the disinfecting and the replacing stage, the better it is. Longer intervals between these two events weaken the impact of the positive thoughts. Our success and happiness depend on identifying our goals precisely and chasing them effectively, both of which, in turn, depend on how well we manage our thoughts. The quality of our thoughts decides the quality of the outcomes we land up with.

Talk positive. Read positive quotable quotes of great people. Surround yourself with posters and cards bearing positive messages. Keep them on your table. Hang them on the walls. Paste them near the bathroom mirror and on the doors. Stick them on your watchstrap. Find other suitable places where you are bound to look at them every day. Remember that these messages will stale with prolonged use. So keep changing their position and contents. Do not let the momentum of these thoughts get weaker.

Stop Negative Thinking and remove negative thoughts with positive one. If you confront a negative thought, "I can never succeed", it will not suffice if you replace it with "I can succeed".
It may be hard in starting but with you positive will power “to do” you can surely feel positive change and positive things happening in your life.

All this may take longer than one single replacing thought, but when you divide the desired target into workable units, it becomes easier. Focus on a pleasant event that took place in the past. This way your thoughts will turn positive and your emotions and images will reinforce each other, resulting in an overall positive attitude.

Try to find out when you took positive decision or what was the out put when you were thinking positively, how satisfied you felt?, and how people around you appreciated this.? This will help you to figure that happiness and attachment with people is achieved by being positive and by positive living.

Stop thinking negative, remove negative thoughts, Live and Apply positive thinking everyday and see how your horizons expand, your dreams soar high and also reach their achievement!

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