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How To Be Happy-Tips

Happiness quote and saying
When you are happy, it often means that you are feeling joyful, and having the sense that your life is meaningful. How to be happy in life? We can be happy by letting go negative emotions and foster positive emotions.

Before starting on how to be happy  in life lets us know what is happiness ☺

According to dictionary (External link) happiness means:
  • the quality or state of being happy.
  • good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy.

As mentioned in Wikipedia (External link)
Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. A variety of biological, psychological, religious, and philosophical approaches have striven to define happiness and identify its sources. Philosophers and religious thinkers often define happiness in terms of living a good life, or flourishing, rather than simply as an emotion.

Happiness means different things to different people

  • To behaviorists, happiness is a cocktail of emotions we experience when we do something good or positive.
  • To neurologists, happiness is the experience of a flood of hormones released in the brain as a reward for behavior that prolongs survival.
  • For several major religions, happiness indicates the presence of God.

Nobody is happy all the time, but happiness is something everyone wants to have. Studies reveal that it has little to do with material goods or high achievement; it boils down to the outlook on life, the quality of relationships, and basic amenities like governance and community. Read below for more tips on how to be happy in life.

How to be Happy in Life

Be Optimistic

Look at the glass half-full instead of half-empty. Focusing on the good things in your life, believe in yourself. Put yourself in situations where good things are likely to happen to you. Just be happy that you are not in that worse situation. Learn to enjoy!


Smiling itself can make us feel better. Science suggests that when you smile, whether you're happy or not, your mood is elevated.
“A smile will gain you ten more years of life.” - Chinese Proverb


Exercise has such a profound effect on our happiness and well-being that it’s actually been proven to be an effective strategy for overcoming depression. Exercise has been known to release endorphins that give feeling of happiness. Try to go regularly for a brisk walk or join a gym. Aerobics, Pilates, and yoga are other possibilities. Even 10-15 minutes of exercise will be helpful.


Meditation is often touted as an important habit for improving focus, clarity and attention span, as well as helping to keep you calm. It is also useful for improving your happiness

The right type of meditation can provide profound rest to the physiology. During the 20 minutes of meditation, a unique state of restful alertness is experienced which reduces stress and fatigue. Try meditation.

Get Enough Sleep

When you sleep more you’ll be less sensitive to negative emotions. Sleep helps our bodies to recover from the day and repair themselves, and that it helps us focus and be more productive. It is important for our happiness. How well (and how long) you sleep will probably affect how you feel when you wake up, which can make a difference to your whole day. Study after study confirms that the more sleep you get, the happier you tend to be.
Try to get sleep by 10-11pm. If you're middle-aged, get at least eight hours of sleep each night; the young and elderly can have 9 to 11 hours of sleep each night.

Read about - How Much Sleep Do We Really Need (Sleepfoundation site-external link)

Take Care of Your Body

Treat your body like it deserves to be happy. Researchers have found that exercise, healthy diets, and regular sleep are key factors in growing more happy and staying that way.

Listen to Music

Listening to moving music you love causes the brain to release dopamine, a feel-good chemical.

Plan a vacation

Planning a vacation or just a break from daily work can improve our happiness.

Spend Time With Family and Friends

Stay close to friends and family. Spend time with them, share things. Several studies have found that time spent with friends and family makes a big difference to how happy we feel, generally.

Do One Thing At a Time

Focus on one thing at a time. Enjoy it, taking the most pleasant memories of it into the next experience.

Remember Swami Vivekananda Sayings:
“Do one thing at a Time, and while doing it put your whole Soul into it to the exclusion of all else.”

Visit Quiet Places

Visit places like libraries, museums, gardens, and places of worship that provide islands of peace and calm. Find a quiet place near your house.

Write Down Your Tasks

Make a lost like writing down your tasks to help you organize your thoughts and calm your anxiety. Write your thoughts - Your dreams, person you want to be, problems you are having, places you want to go, stories, songs, poems etc.

Sometimes Spend time Alone

Carving out a little solitude can make a world of difference. Solitude allows you to reboot your brain and unwind. It also helps you work through problems more effectively. So go ahead--give yourself a break.

Never Regret Decisions

When you have a decision to make, and you're down to two or three options, just pick the one that feels right, and go with it. Never regret the decisions you make, though.
Just live by the 3 C's of life: choices, chances, and changes. You need to make a choice to take a chance, or your life will never change.

Forget the Past, Live in the Present

The past should be left in the past or it can steal your future. Live life for what tomorrow can bring and not what yesterday has taken away. Every day is a gift. Always assume that what is done is done. Don't feel regret due to past mistakes. Instead, learn from them and move on.

Go outside

This will improve your attention and well-being.

Practice Mindfulness Regularly

Be in the moment. Pay attention to how you are behaving, how your emotions are functioning, and how your current actions work toward your goals.

Practice Gratitude

Savor the good moments throughout each day. Spend time thinking about happy memories. This will increase happiness and life satisfaction. There are lots of ways to practice it, from keeping a journal of things you’re grateful for, sharing good things that happen each day with close ones, and going out of your way to show gratitude when others help you.

Learning To Say No

The ability to say no is closely linked to self-confidence. People with low self-confidence and self-esteem often feel nervous about antagonizing others and tend to rate others’ needs more highly than their own. Learn to say NO when it is needed. You don’t have to make other happy at the cost of your own happiness.

Make a Plan

Make a plan for attaining goals that you believe will make you happy.

Watch Your Thoughts

Whenever you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, start thinking of pleasant things.

Also read: Positive Thinking Techniques

Associate with Happy People

Surround yourself with happy people, and try to learn from them how to be happy in life.

Be Compassionate

Compassion is all about doing something kind for someone in need, or someone less privileged than yourself.

Find Happiness in the Job

Many people expect the right job or career to dramatically change their level of happiness. But research makes it clear that your levels of optimism and quality of relationships eclipse the satisfaction gained from your job.


When someone you care about hurts you, you can hold on to anger - or embrace forgiveness and move forward. The study suggests that forgiveness may lower the perception of stress

Make Good friends

People with strong friendships can reap big well-being, happiness rewards.

Don't Procrastinate

Instead of worrying about a decision, take it. You'll immediately feel better.
Remember Benjamin Franklin Sayings: “You may delay, but time will not.”

Count Your blessings

Be grateful for small things, big things, and everything in between. Count your blessings, not your problems.

Above mentioned are tips on how to be happy in life. Some people require a lot of their needs to be met before they experience happiness, while others find it in simplicity. To be consistently happy, identify the beliefs that make you miserable and replace them with beliefs that make you happy.

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  1. Twinkle Prajapati7/02/2015

    Thanks for this wonderful tips on how to be happy, this will be helpful for many.

    I remember Charles Dickens quote:
    “Happiness is a gift and the trick is not to expect it, but to delight in it when it comes.”

    If you experience real happiness, enjoy it, savour it, appreciate it. Also remember, no matter what happens to you, you do not have to be bitter. You deserve to be happy. :)

  2. Sushma Reddy7/03/2015

    It’s not always easy to be happy all the time, but you can choose to be happy, and in any circumstances there’s no one who can stop you except for yourself.

    Fact is happiness doesn’t come from wealth, perfect looks or even a perfect relationship. Happiness comes from "within". This is why, if you truly want to be happy, you need to work on yourself, first.

    Good share thanks.

  3. Himani Oberai7/11/2015

    Good article and very helpful.

    I think anyone who is looking on how to be happy in life should first face fears and deal with them, learn how to control stress and learn how not to worry about the future and one will become happier. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to use spirituality, a certain religion or your own system of beliefs, all that matters in the end is to deal with such emotions in order to find happiness.

    In order to be happy daily, start your day by reminding yourself one positive thing about your life and treat yourself with compassion and lots of love.

    We all know life is stressful and unpredictable. We can’t control reality, but we can choose how we react to it.

    Well, either get happiness or keep fighting for it until we feel true happiness in life.